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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Runic help for Writers' block

Brain turned to marshmallow? I know the feeling! No need to sit staring at the screen waiting for the muse to strike as I’ve added another tool to the list of writing aids that form part of the Writelinkpro membership package.

I only came across this little programme a couple of days ago and I’ve already used it to good effect. It’s based on Rune casting, but instead of being used to divine the future, you use it as an aid to over come writers’ block.

Unlike a lot of programmes of this sort that usually end up strangling inspiration in a web of technology, Story Runes is really easy to use. All it does is act as a kind of creative jump lead that gives just enough of a kick to get you up and running when you hit the wall.

You get two options, either type in a character’s name or a situation. The short read out takes less than a second to produce and when I tried it I was quite shocked at what it triggered! (All clean and wholesome I assure you!).

Writelinkpro members can download it from the Members Area. Non-members visit the Pro site for more details:

Monday, February 21, 2005

Fact File Clippings Old Hat!

Freelance writers who insist on clinging to bulging files of paper clippings will soon go the way of the Dodo, says editor, Sue Kendrick.

Launching the new Write2Publish web publishing system which allows writers to have their own web presence that can be easily updated by the user, she went on to say that more and more editors are utilizing the speed and flexibility of email and the web to commission articles, receive copy and illustrations and liaise with advertisers and printers.

In view of this, any freelancer who doesn’t play by the same rules is likely to find their work load drying up.

“Most editors now expect a quick email pitch,” said Sue, “and if interested, a link they can pursue to an up to date website with examples of work.

Unfortunately constructing an ordinary website is often beyond the skills of most writers who are then forced to use the services of a web designer with additional costs incurred each time updates are required.

The Write2Publish system that Writelink is offering gets around this problem by utilising easy to use blogging software. Through a web-based control panel, copy can be typed or pasted directly to the web and published within seconds! No special skills are needed and the writer has full control of all content appearing on their site.”

Writelink is a creative writers resource website and as well as editing the newsletter and site updates, Sue also freelances for a number of other web and print publications so is well aware of the needs of serious freelances.

The Write2publish system is a low cost, easily maintained system that most people should be able to master within a very short space of time. The fact that the user has immediate access to the site makes it is a very valuable addition to a freelance’s marketing armory.

Full details and a demo site that can be tried out are available here:

Friday, January 14, 2005

Spring Fever Poetry Contest

Spring so they say is when a young man’s thoughts turn to ... well never mind that, for this competition we want to know what this most looked for of seasons means to you.

Is it the green growing love of a new relationship? The joy of a world re-awakening? The timeless cycle of birth, death and rebirth?

Whatever aspect of spring causes you to wax feverishly lyrical Writelink wants to hear it ... but don’t delay ... there are only 100 places in this competition and when it ran last year it filled up before the closing date!

There are cash prizes of £50 for the winner and two runners up prizes of £25 plus two complimentary memberships to and five copies of Poetry For Profit, a super ebook containing a database of over 70 markets that pay for poetry.

All details here:

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Get Yourself Organised for 2005!

Writers, if you are serious about earning a crust with your pen then there’s never been a better time to join Writelinkpro, the content providing service for top UK writers’ website,

Our super, electronic organiser, the latest special offer from Writelink, provides an ideal opportunity to whip your writing life into shape.

This nifty, pocket sized gadget not only stores phone numbers, international phone codes, email addresses, internet bookmarks, Memos and To Do lists, but also acts as a calculator, metric converter, world clock and much more! Just the thing to keep the flotsam and jetsam of a writer’s life in order!

New members joining Writelinkpro during December, will receive the organiser in their membership pack along with a CD-Rom containing a range of writing ebooks and other software that form part of the membership package.

Visit the site for more details:

Tinsel Tales - Christmas Fun

Sick of bending over backwards to please editors, competition judges and those know-alls in the business world that scoff at your carefully worded press-releases?

Time then to rewarded yourself by indulging in your own writing for a while! Tinsel Tales is blogging festive stories, poems, jokes and general moans and groans usually provoked by the season of goodwill. Read the latest here:

All content is provided by Writelinkpro members by invitation only. If you’d like to contribute, request an invite from

If you are not a member you’ll find details here:

Friday, December 03, 2004

Have You Got Yours?

We’ve a great new freebie added to the Writers’ Freebies page this month and a very timely one at that since a subscription would make a super Christmas present for both the reader and writer in your life.

Chapter & Verse is a newly launched literary magazine from the same stable as the well regarded, Writers’ Bureau correspondence writing school. It contains a highly readable mix of book reviews, author interviews and literary journeys, plus readers’ letters and competitions.

Best of all though, it accepts and pays for freelance submissions! There’s a full review on the site where you will also find details on how to obtain a free copy of a recent back issue.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Christmas Chillers Almost Full!

If you haven’t already entered the Writelink Christmas Chillers short story competition it could already be too late!

Entries are limited to 100 and there are just 4 places left! The closing date is the 5th December, so hurry!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Just 10 Places Left

Writelink's Christmas Chillers short story competition has just 10 places left!

Limited to 100 entries this popular annual competition if filling up rapidly. Cash prizes and publication on could be yours if you can come up with a good story beginning with ...

“The night was so incredibly beautiful, but all I saw were the ruby drops in the snow and the broken wings of the murdered angel …”

The maximum word count is 1500 words and the closing date is the 5th December, 2004.

Further details: